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 "The Power of Slow Movement"

Though I love all parts of Oriental Dance, I find something  special in the slow, fluid, serpentine types of movements.  For me, they seem to contain a magical quality, a soothing elixir for the body, mind and soul.
I find that I can use these types of movements to connect with an inner stillness that is quite healing and profound. The tension dissolving powers of undulations, ripples and waves leaves me feeling elasticized from head to toe and  an anxious, over-thinking mind can be transformed, taking me to a space that is transcendent and serene.
Slow movement sequences, co-ordinated with breath, undulations and internal movements, not only melt away rigidity, allowing for more fluidity and grace, but can be a therapeutic practice when used to reduce stress and minor aches and pains.

This way of moving enhances balance and chi (the life force within and surrounding us), making us more aware of how we use our energies while tapping us into more of our core strength and stamina. As that sacred inner space becomes  familiar and easier to access, we become more internally focused with heightened instincts and intuition, deeper feelings and enhanced creativity.
I like to include slow movement sequences and serpentine movements whenever I can. They are mysterious, mesmerizing and beautiful when added to a dance at the right times and besides that, they just plain feel really good!
...written by Rafi'ah
"By the practice of meditation
 you will find that you are
carrying within your heart
a portable paradise. "
- Paramhamsa Yogananda

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